Posted on 31-Aug-2020

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If your attic is overheating, Then you're overpaying for your energy bills.
Save more energy with Solar powered vents.
solar vents help to improve the attic airflow, contact us for free quote and on-site estimate.

Having the appropriate attic airflow is your home’s best bet for battling against ice dams and hot attics. In Canada, this is extremely important for homeowners.

If you suspect that your roof attic lacks airflow , you’ll want to call Toronto Roof Repairs Inc to discuss your options. Our Vents are designed to increase airflow—which maximizes your investment and lowers energy consumption in the home.

Solar attic fans are the latest innovation in attic ventilation and it is not just homeowners who are seeing the tremendous benefits. These simple but ingenious devices are finding favor as the preferred option amongst roofers and builders Here are some of the reasons why solar attic fans are everybody’s No.1 choice when it comes to attic ventilation.

Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans For Homeowners
By the simple act of actively pushing out the hot, stuffy indoor air and replacing it with cool, fresh air from outside, solar attic fans offer a wealth of benefits.

Cooler Interiors: Without active ventilation, there is a higher likelihood of the hot air getting dispersed throughout the house, raising the overall temperatures.

Enhanced Structural Protection: Efficient ventilation offers the roof better protection against shingle distortion and premature aging summer months
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